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sister debbie lives not far from the penitentiary town she too used to take care of her nephew quite a lot when valda was out on the road noel and laura knew her well. we're all for justice if it had been anyone arabs you know we'd been right there with bells you know ringing because it's payback it's been it's it's you know whatever but when it's someone that that you care about. you did the same you know. it's mixed emotions it's it's unexplainable. it's sad and. it's. it's. uncalled for.
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and. so waste. he was the last. part of me. and my sister in. his car. he was my sisters. she's gone now he's gone now they're all. in that societies. do i feel responsible for helping in execution yes. do i feel bad about it no no do i feel bad for the grieving that did jim and. debbie went through yeah i feel sorry for their loss
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do i feel. they lost more than i did. they lost vonda and sean i just lost my father did they lose more you bet grandfather jim. debbie refused to come to the execution on february fourth one thousand nine hundred nine sean took about six minutes to die just so.
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a person. because i didn't want to. but i was so angry. and i had great times for the third. most of the. it it's done it's. over it's ten years i had to worry that this is what is just as nappy what if he gets out of the kids out the mayor worry that. i had no worries years. present a child's execution that night there were also those who had tried to save him.
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think. jones execution left scars on his lawyer steve presson. began to. steam still lives in the little town of norman near oklahoma city. rationalizing in final appeals of the condemned he has lost eleven of the man he has defended and succeeded in saving only two of them.
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and we hear so many people who support the death penalty saying well it's part of our system we have it. the only reason that we have it as part of the system is because they act to change it and they they support the system and it's wrong and they don't know why it's so they don't know first hand. or even second you know what. a horrible. process it is. they don't know until one of their own family members has to go through it and suddenly there. they see everything wrong with. that case and others that i've done but seans because i was pretty close to. destroyed my faith in the american legal system before doing death row cases i had the highest
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confidence in our courts in our law enforcement because i was a cop for ten years. and i practiced civil law and i worked in the courts and i thought that things were good and far and it was seeing the machinery of the state moving so venomously. very minutely against these people on death row two to extinguish their lives and ignoring good evidence and ignoring constitutional violations. that just took it out of me. made me it's made me better i'm burned out. i really dislike the system i dislike being a lawyer. that's what it is that. steve no longer attends the execution. many people in
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oklahoma claim that the executions are humane and painless. i'm heading to mcallister in the eastern part of the state where the penitentiary is located to find the man who executed shown sellers. in oklahoma of the prison guards carry out the death sentences. the simplest way is to run an ad in the local newspaper looking for officers who
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participated in the execution. problem or. you know a member shontelle or because he was a first guy that actually he was not adult at. work or when you first jamie jamie. thank you no xan. but a while i remember that exchange. with twenty flash bangs. was involved in all morning. i was involved in approximately fifty two. proximately sixty executions.
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fred cook was in charge of sean's execution his father also executed prisoners in the electric chair fred is retired now but about johnny and then and he would yes if he had big he had but i mean you know he is guilty he he done it they were no two ways of bad it and. so i say interesting today if and we kept him on death row nto
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such time as it was time to execute him and then we executed once i come through that there were they know that. they don't have to get on that day well they no two ways about it and so there it is crawl up on title. what was going through sean's mind during his final moments. when an execution takes place. says are injected from this room through these holes in the wall the state recruits three citizens to carry out this task the law guarantees that they remain anonymous. during the entire execution only the guards are in direct contact with the condemned prisoners.
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tim guarded the inmates during their final hours. blayne was one of the guards that would strap them to the gurney. dark as well. jane would bring the lethal chemicals and see that the execution ran smoothly. for the oldest procedure. eight nine minutes before the execution is scheduled we're moving from one they say i'll take the men's ad execution chamber with a payment of six. officers restrained. when they first come out of the so they have this look on like i said if you've known him for
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twenty years and be known for a long time they have this look. disbelief that you're going to be one of them that's going to walk i'm in there you know hank you know legard he anything golden or like a main they wish he was somebody else you wish he was somebody who knows when. you walk mokhtar the gurney and they look at you because they don't know they've never done this before there's a sense of. stress maybe nervousness but as far as you know same one individual that once they entered the door to the chamber the nerves got to him so bad that they became weak in the knees you know they used canada and the strap down team just reached up and grabbed him by the arm and you know just held him up in a system on to the gurney and they look at you like for some direction you know surgeon you lay on the gurney and they look at you like you can you know have come
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serve and i'm telling dirk you want to do that. you know and they get up there in the would you when we do now you know when would you lay down here put your hand put your arms. and know asked why are you doing that. you can tell nothing you can answer him you just got to keep doing it and once you get him strapped down and they look at you in you know i've had him look at you know like they want to say by or say some i just don't look at him just i would look at him and i would look at so much i don't want anything someone cries to mum doubt that point toward oh say let the execution began before he says that he waits a little bit and that way is for the governor in case to governor call and that will last only way that they actually should be stopped if the governor calls at that point and at that time they will start administering the drugs into a system you have that moment of time to think you know i talked to that individual
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forty five minutes ago many individuals dead now and. it's a humbling experience i mean you at times just disbelief you know . because some of them i know for ten twelve fourteen year. you will never forget about it you think about it until the day you know. headed fix you how can that not affect you that you're taking some guy you know he's done something to somebody did all this that you're taking some guy and stripping down in basically you're putting me to death because you're part of the whole process of doing it but yeah it bothers me to this day i had nightmares i wake up waiting i wake up with horrible nightmares that he won't do
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no good to tell you because you would understand it unless you've been there. twelve years after the execution of sawn sellers i met only one participant of the story who didn't seem to have the slightest doubts. this is oklahoma county's district attorney the man who demanded the death sentence for sean. he held office for close to twenty five years he is known in the us for being the d.a. who has obtained the most death sentences around sixty.
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macy always claimed that the death sentence has a dissuasive effect and he reiterated that opinion joining sean's trial. this may not be the best way to stop the killing but it's the only way i know and i think these jurors are saying look if you go you kill three people in this county we can give you the death penalty then hopefully somebody else will. see. the district attorney's arguments always had the backing of the public. may see the onion olding d.n.a. is now retired and lives on his farm a few miles from oklahoma city. i have seen the
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execution yourself know what. horrors my son is knows not much you know what jobs a prosecutor bring the charges represent their lives and are you for the death penalty i don't. satisfaction or joy in. bitterness or low hopefully. model lone wolf the law enforcement people move to agree that his only target. how good it is and if it isn't it's just. you say you hope that it is a deterrent it means it is not proven well if we. lose no well i know of
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a figure when you stop someone of news of. the much fear district attorney who has never witnessed a single execution now admits that there has never been any perth's that the death penalty has a dissuasive effect on criminality. the facts are very in the twelve years since sean's execution oklahoma's crime rate has not decreased. right now don't worry or who crime is on who was president especially directed at young women and children and. i can explain to you of wives having america crimes are very horrible crimes i don't know how to explain it. we would see had several cases filed in this county were
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more friend or husbands used to smash the baby against a wall and i don't want to live. the person could do that until a baby. a crime was that we're dealing with i don't rehabilitate we're. i think if you commit these horrible horrible crimes. host beyond redemption how he had teach somebody to love until later on. his. if people only each other there would be conclusive.
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you can. eat. the. fish eat eat eat eat it was. the ticket. for many citizens of oklahoma the bible offers an
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irrefutable justification for the death penalty particularly the verses which are subject to widely differing interpretations about an eye for an eye a tooth for a to pastor don't duncan accompanied sean and many other prisoners both men and women in their final moments now he no longer carries out this mission. does that scripture justify what we're doing today not now. are we doing it today because we like punishing people in my life it's been. it's been eight years now and now i can finally talk about fully talk about
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what i did. do i regret no i help the person not that i was in favor of putting that person to death nothing was going to stop that i was there to help that person and so i was i would minister to the person i would talk to them i cannot do this any longer i can't put words in god's mouth but i don't think he would want the death penalty i think he would want us to share law. and how to have life in christ. do you believe in god or much do you fear his judgment.
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well well more so you marie's. or him. using that as the chance that god is against death penalty. six years after sean's execution the supreme court at long last ruled against
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capital punishment for minors. today three thousand three hundred prisoners are waiting on death row throughout the united states. in oklahoma the mortal remains not claimed by family are buried in the little cemetery in front of the penitentiary.
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q. . key. key q if you. feel you. can. carry the are limited to physicists who sued. to q
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q thank i was. a few months to feel some team opposition are movies where the goal. rush still gets people hike up. this time margi goes to cure old region. where the local government is giving power back to the people. where every orphan will be adopted. where locals turn their land into a paradox well come to. such a close eye on our gene. breaking
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news this hour rebels claim to control the libyan capital after a major nato pact incompetence and reports of the death of sons of being captured by your position with the location of the libyan leader is unknown. journalists in tripoli reporting government fun in the hotel saying reports of overnight looting of houses in the capital has left him feeling unsafe. opposition supporters rejoice hoping the forty five year old regime is nearing a dead end but skeptics point to be disillusionment the part of the fall of egypt's dictator. and the international reaction ranges from euphoria to caution amid concerns over the united one stable rebel government torn apart by competing interests. internationally is life.


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